A one day seminar with follow-up one-to-one coaching session

This seminar, run by Hilary Danelian and Ruth Morris as an open course through The Whitehall & Industry Group, can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and delivered as an in-house event.

Have you noticed that many successful women have certain traits in common? They possess a clear sense of purpose, tangible personal power or authority and an ability to be noticed and heard. I’m sure you could list any number of successful women who would “tick these boxes”. For example Sheryl Sandberg, Christine Lagarde, Arianna Huffington, Shami Chakrabarti, the late Maya Angelou. This seminar is designed to help you focus on these areas and, in so doing, become even more successful in your chosen career. You will work throughout the day to uncover your purpose as a leader and to develop a “power pack” to propel you towards that purpose.

The seminar provides space for you to focus on YOU within a supportive environment where you can share insights and experiences with a group of like-minded women. Leaders by their example shape the climate and culture around them. They can bring hope or fear, clarity or confusion, trust or suspicion, community or isolation. This is the time to reflect on what you stand for as a leader, what you wish to achieve with your leadership, and how to use your power in service of your goals.

Designed and delivered by women for women, the intention of this seminar is to equip women leaders with tools and resources to help them lead in challenging times. It works as a stand-alone event and is also one of a series of four seminars which complement and build upon each other. Through participating in these intensive events women leaders gain deeper insights into their strengths and talents and enhance the impact they have at work.

Seminar Outcomes

You will be encouraged to develop a clearer sense of who you are and what you are a leader for. You will go away with greater clarity about your strengths, your personal qualities and how you can tap into different parts of your personality to enhance your visibility and progress your career. You will look at unhelpful thoughts that hold you back and at strategies for dealing with those thoughts. We will explore how to network authentically and with impact and how to improve your credibility and visibility as you navigate your career.

Seminar Content

The seminar focuses on supporting you in three areas: visibility, networking and career progression.

During the one-day session you will explore:

• your purpose as a leader
• how to network with authenticity and purpose
• how we lead as women and how we might encounter ‘second-generation’ gender bias
• how you might unwittingly be trying to sabotage your own success
You will construct your own leadership ‘power pack’ comprising:
• your signature strengths
• powerful thoughts
• the different aspects of your personality that you can activate in service of your goals

We will look at how to use your ‘power pack’ to help you network with purpose, raise your visibility, and progress your career. And you will design your own personal “Board of Directors” to support you as you move forward. A follow-up one-to-one coaching session will offer additional support and help you maintain focus and motivation as you implement your actions from the seminar.


We bring a depth of understanding of leadership development combined with a passion for helping women release their potential and a practical common sense approach.

Hilary Danelian  Hilary is a respected coach, facilitator and HR professional with 25 years experience. A Certified Coach, she holds a diploma accredited by the International Coach Federation, the leading professional body for coaches. She is a Licensed Career Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Cognitive Behavioural Confidence Coach and an accredited Myers Briggs practitioner. Challenging, creative, and pragmatic, she is renowned for delivering results. She coaches leaders from many organisations including: Rolls-Royce; HM Treasury; Interflora; RBS; Homes & Communities Agency; Inst. of Cancer Research; and DWP.

Ruth Morris  Ruth is a respected coach, facilitator and trainer with 25 years experience. She is known for challenging leaders to perform better, transforming their effectiveness. Ruth has worked with Hilary to design and deliver leadership programmes for 14 years. She has an MA in Management Development and is a certified life coach. Clients include: Hewlett Packard; Independent TV Companies; Royal Bank of Scotland; Jaguar Land Rover; ABN Amro; HMRC; and Ministry of Defence.

What others have said about our women’s leadership seminars

“An excellent day, Truly thought-provoking” Christine Salmon Percival, House of Lords

“A good day, well spent. Lots of tools and techniques to put into practice” Jo Mayes, Standard Life plc

“Really great! Ruth and Hilary offer an opportunity to take yourself out of your normal day and approach issues with fresh eyes” Elizabeth Anastasi, Economic Advisor, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills

Please contact us at [email protected]  or use this form if you would like to know more about one-to-one coaching for women leaders or if you wish to discuss creating an in-house programme for your organisation.