A one day seminar focussing on organisational culture and change with follow-up one-to-one coaching session

This seminar, run by Hilary Danelian and Ruth Morris as an open course through The Whitehall & Industry Group, can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and delivered as an in-house event.

In today’s ever-changing world it is becoming more and more difficult to navigate the organisational landscape. One thing is clear however – leadership is more important than ever. And organisations that are well led will have a better chance of surviving these turbulent times. Leaders need to communicate what the organisation stands for – its purpose and the values that give it coherence. A real challenge for leaders is to be aware of the organisational culture and politics whilst ensuring their own core values are not compromised.

Designed and delivered by women, for women, the intention of this seminar is to equip women leaders with resources to help them lead in challenging times. It works as a stand-alone event and is also one of a series of four women’s seminars which complement and build upon each other. Through participating in these intensive events, women leaders gain deeper insights into their strengths and talents and enhance the impact they have in their organisations.

Seminar Outcomes

This seminar explores how to retain your authenticity yet remain responsive to your context and organisational culture. In our experience, women are often more skilled at this ‘situational sensing’ and at creating relationships that ensure team cohesiveness. This seminar helps you make the best of these skills.

Seminar Content

The content includes:

• a diagnostic process to increase understanding of your leadership context and culture
• tools to help you through the labyrinth of organisational life, whilst remaining true to who you are
• tools to help you with the change process – both organisational and personal.
• exercises to help you understand your core values.
• tools to take away to help you plan your future career in line with your values and aspirations

A follow-up one-to-one coaching session will offer additional support and help you maintain focus and motivation as you implement your actions from the seminar.


Hilary Danelian  Hilary is a respected coach, facilitator and HR professional with 25 years experience. A Certified Coach, she holds a diploma accredited by the International Coach Federation, the leading professional body for coaches. She is a Licensed Career Coach, a Master NLP Practitioner, a Certified Cognitive Behavioural Confidence Coach and an accredited Myers Briggs practitioner. Hilary is Programme Director for a highly successful Women’s Leadership Programme run by the Whitehall & Industry Group (WIG). She has been running leadership programmes for over 15 years. Challenging, creative, and pragmatic, she is renowned for delivering results. She coaches leaders from a range of organisations including: Rolls-Royce plc; HM Treasury; Interflora; Royal Bank of Scotland; Homes and Communities Agency; Institute of Cancer Research; and DWP.

Ruth Morris Ruth is a respected coach and trainer with over 25 years experience. She is known for challenging leaders to perform better, transforming their effectiveness. Ruth has worked with Hilary to design and deliver leadership programmes for over 14 years and now co-delivers the WIG Women’s Leadership Programme. She has an MA in Management Development and is a certified life coach. Clients include: Hewlett Packard; Independent TV Companies; Royal Bank of Scotland; Jaguar Land Rover; ABN Amro; HMRC; and Ministry of Defence.

What others have said about this seminar

“A really enjoyable day. A great opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals!” Andrea Montague, Group Chief Internal Auditor, Standard Life

“Great facilitators who have real understanding and empathy with the reality of our challenges” Emmalene Fox, Purchase Development Manager, Rolls-Royce plc

“The facilitators create a safe space in which you can be open” Clare Boucher, Head of IP Competition Policy, Intellectual Property Office

“A great opportunity to share ideas” Jenny Pykett, Purchasing Manager, Rolls-Royce plc

“Interesting, insightful, thought-provoking. I can’t wait for my coaching session to explore things further” Faye West, Corporate Communications Manager, Legal Ombudsman

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