A one day seminar with follow-up one-to-one coaching session

This seminar, run by Hilary Danelian and Ruth Morris as an open course through The Whitehall & Industry Group, can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and delivered as an in-house event.

This innovative seminar focuses specifically on helping women leaders grow and develop. It is designed and delivered by women, for women. The intention is to equip women leaders with tools and resources to help them lead in increasingly challenging times. This seminar works as a stand-alone event and is also one of a series of four linked seminars around which a women’s leadership programme can be built. This seminar focuses on exploring each woman’s unique strengths, building a distinctive and authentic ‘personal brand’ and on how to have more courage, impact and presence as a leader.

Seminar Outcomes

You will gain a clearer sense of your value, your potential and how to demonstrate these most effectively. You will go away with a deeper understanding of your own personal brand – what makes you unique, and how you might promote that brand more effectively. The seminar will also help you achieve greater personal and professional presence and enhance your ability to make a meaningful difference as a leader.

Seminar Content

Before the event you will be asked to gather concise feedback about your strengths from at least four colleagues. This will be used during the seminar to help you build your own unique and authentic leadership brand. During the one-day session you will explore:

• the different contexts in which you are leading and the challenges you face as a woman leader
• your unique gifts and how you can build a personal brand based on your key strengths
• how to promote your brand and have greater impact and visibility
• developing the courage to act

A follow-up one-to-one coaching session will offer support and help you maintain focus you as you implement your actions from the seminar.


We bring a depth of understanding of leadership development combined with a passion for helping women release their potential and a practical common sense approach.

Hilary Danelian  Hilary is a respected coach, facilitator and HR professional with 25 years experience. A Certified Coach, she holds a diploma accredited by the International Coach Federation, the leading professional body for coaches. She is a Licensed Career Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Cognitive Behavioural Confidence Coach and an accredited Myers Briggs practitioner. Challenging, creative, and pragmatic, she is renowned for delivering results. She coaches leaders from many organisations including: Rolls-Royce; HM Treasury; Interflora; RBS; Homes & Communities Agency; Inst. of Cancer Research; and DWP.

Ruth Morris  Ruth is a respected coach, facilitator and trainer with 25 years experience. She is known for challenging leaders to perform better, transforming their effectiveness. Ruth has worked with Hilary to design and deliver leadership programmes for 14 years. She has an MA in Management Development and is a certified life coach. Clients include: Hewlett Packard; Independent TV Companies; Royal Bank of Scotland; Jaguar Land Rover; ABN Amro; HMRC; and Ministry of Defence.

What others have said about this seminar

“This session gives you time to think – space to remember who you are, what you stand for and what makes you tick” Rachel Manser, Global Head of Knowledge and Information, Linklaters

“Fantastic. Really thought provoking. A useful opportunity to take stock of the image you wish to project” Elizabeth Anastasi, Economic Adviser, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

“I feel that I left with skills I can actually apply to my everyday life. A very enjoyable day and one of the most useful seminars I have attended. I will be recommending to my colleagues” Laura Fosh, Gemserv

“Inspirational – this seminar gives you time to focus on the real you in the workplace” Rebecca Lawrence, Director of Corporate Services, Competition Commission

“Great course, highly recommended” Jennifer Pearce, Policy Advisor, HM Treasury

“A good day where I could be myself and learn from other remarkable women” Maggie van’t Hoff, General Manager Downstream IT Strategy, Planning & Architecture, Shell UK Ltd

“It was great to work with other women and learn from them” Emily Butcher, Business Manager, Microsoft

“Engaging course and great fun – thoroughly enjoyed it and feel empowered!” Jan Hwang, Ernst & Young

“This has shown me that the only person holding me back is me. I now know how to give myself permission to have presence and courage” Laura Hodgkisson, OD & Workforce Planning Manager, Natural England

Please contact us at [email protected] or use this form if you would like to know more about women’s leadership training, one-to-one coaching for women leaders or if you wish to discuss creating an in-house programme for your organisation.