Making a Transition

Transition is the way that we come to terms with change.  A successful transition starts with acknowledging the ending of something, of letting go of the former situation.  It requires giving yourself space to reflect and time to adjust to the new situation.  And it requires you to step outside your comfort zone, take some risks, and to embrace the new reality.

Without going through these three stages – Letting Go, Neutral Space and New Beginning, a change can turn out to be mechanical and superficial.  We find ourselves in a new job, a new situation or a new country, but mentally and emotionally we have not moved.  

Our transition coaching programmes will help you navigate these three stages to make a successful and sustainable transition.    


Sector to Sector Transition

  • This is for you if you are considering a switch between the public, private and voluntary sectors – whether in Executive or Non-Executive capacities, in full or part-time roles, on a permanent, temporary or secondment basis
  • If you have spent many years in one organisation or sector you may not appreciate all the skills and experience that you have acquired.  This programme will help you review your skills and experience and present them effectively in different contexts
  • You will gain clarity about what you want, greater confidence in yourself and what you have to offer, and improved understanding of how to promote yourself – both on paper and in person

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Leadership Transition

  • This is for you if you are moving to a more challenging leadership role and want to become a  more confident and responsive leader
  • We focus on exploring your leadership gifts and strengths whilst helping you articulate your authentic leadership brand
  • At the same time we identify internal and external barriers to success and work collaboratively to design strategies for overcoming these barriers

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Expatriate Transition

  • This is for you if you are moving overseas and wish to make the transition go as smoothly as possible
  • We offer support and practical tips as you make the transition to a new country, find work and make a life for yourself – whether you are moving for your job or are the accompanying partner
  • Our associate coach, Ros Starkey has direct experience of making such a transition and, coupled with exceptional coaching skills, she is the ideal person to support you

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Return to Work Transition

  • This is for you if you are returning to work after a career break, perhaps after having a family, or following a period of unemployment or absence due to ill health
  • You may have taken redundancy of early retirement and now wish to re-enter the world of work
  • After a period away from the workplace you may wish to take stock before returning to paid employment
  • We can help you work out what of your old self you need to leave behind and what you want to hold on to, to explore what you really want, to consider any constraints – real and imagined, and to explore the opportunities open to you
  • It may be that your confidence has taken a knock
  • You might be looking at a complete career change or your priorities may have changed, for example, you might wish to explore how to maintain a healthy balance between work and other aspects of your life

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Career Transition

  • This is for you if you find yourself in career transition due to an external change at work e.g. you have been made redundant or your company’s re-structuring has overturned your future career prospects 
  • This is also  for you if a transition is being triggered internally - through a gradual realisation that your career or lifestyle is no longer satisfying 
  • Many of our clients find themselves in the job they always wanted, yet are left with a ‘so what’ feeling. 
  • Or they have not quite reached their target job but no longer aspire to it - somehow they have lost the drive to achieve what they once hungered for – and yet they feel that they want to do more, be more, have a satisfying career – just not this career. 
  • When going through a career transition, whether precipitated by external events or by internal ‘murmurings’, it helps to have support from a qualified and experienced career coach 
  • Bringing together tools from our Transition Coaching and Career Explorer programmes we will work with you to develop a unique career transition programme, tailored to your specific situation.

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