Helped me get to the essential issues and offer useful tools to deal with them

“Hilary has been my personal coach for over 18 months and has been a tremendous support in that time. Working with Hilary has helped me to focus on developing my personal performance in a number of specific aspects of my job.  Hilary has always been able to quickly help me get right to the essential issues and offer useful ‘tools’ to deal with them.  It has been a pleasure working with her.”

Alan Davies, former Area Director, HM Courts Service – now Chief Executive, Gibraltar Court Service

A professional with empathy and understanding

“Hilary is a positive, upbeat and highly polished professional who is easy and enjoyable to work with.  She works with clarity of purpose and process whilst remaining flexible in her approach.  Her gift is in portraying empathy and understanding.”

Aled Rhys-Jones, Chairman, Voluntary Arts Wales

Guided me through the fog with a flexible approach tailored to my needs, pace and context

I found the work with Hilary very useful in that from the fog emerged a crystal clear view of my values, motivations and their inter-relationship – I gained a sharper picture of where & why I would make compromises in my professional life and what impact that would have.  Hilary guided me through the fog with a flexible approach that she tailored to my needs, pace and context”.

Dr Catherine Boyle, former Head Of Science, Strategy & International Division, DEFRA

Professional, encouraging, down to earth and insightful

“I chose to work with Hilary because, compared with her competition, she was the most professional, providing me with detailed information of how she worked and what was required from me.  Another factor in my choice was her flexibility.  During the four and a half months that we worked together I found Hilary to be very encouraging, down to earth and insightful.  I always felt comfortable in my dealings with her and have been absolutely delighted with the result of our collaboration.  Her assistance in helping me to understand where my strengths lie has been invaluable.

I am very happy to recommend Hilary to anybody looking to change their career path and believe that at the end they will be as happy with her work as I am.

Nichola Woodward, Trainee Psychotherapist (former TEFL teacher)


Time and tools to help me reflect on my career & professional achievements so far

“Hilary has been providing me with coaching support for over 6 months and I have benefited enormously.  She has provided me with the time and tools to help me reflect on my career and professional achievements so far and to be clear about what I want to achieve next.  I shall continue to draw on her expertise, her clear approach and the challenges she puts to me.”

June Isherwood, Director, Collins-Green HR Consulting Ltd

Space to think about barriers to achieving my goals

“I have found my coaching sessions with Hilary invaluable.  By creating the space for me to think about what my barriers were to achieving my goals, she persuaded me to identify these barriers and the ways to overcome them.  Hilary has made me think about elements of my behaviours that I’d never thought about and do something about them.  I feel that I am happier in myself as a result”

Helen Robson, Stakeholder Manager, Home Office

A fresh and more positive perspective

“The work I did with Hilary proved pivotal to my ultimately successful efforts to make a significant mid-career move.  Her programme gave me a fresh and more positive perspective on my skills, professional strengthens and options which continues to assist my career progression.”

Joanne Collins, Portfolio Manager, Payden & Rygel Global Ltd

Friendly, supportive and with a depth of knowledge and experience…a  12 out of 10 result

“I found Hilary friendly, supportive and with a depth of knowledge and experience which were immensely helpful to me.  The preparation material she provided was professionally delivered and discussed.  Seven months ago, at the beginning of my coaching sessions, I was expecting a 9 out of 10 result.  In fact I’ve got a 12 out of 10 result.  I’ve changed my views of the world with Hilary’s support”.

Liz Carr, former Accounting Technician

Patiently and subtly prompts you to come up with the answers

“Hilary has that great skill as a coach in getting you to find the answers for yourself.  She doesn’t give you the answers or tell you what to do – that wouldn’t work.  Leadership is, amongst other things, about being authentic and true to oneself.  Hilary patiently and subtly prompts you to ask yourself the questions, and to work out the answers in your own terms.  That way, the answers stay with you, and become part of who you are, because you believe them.  And so you believe more in yourself.  That’s a big help in leadership, where it’s easier to get people to follow you if they believe in you”.

John Cooke, Chief Executive Mobile Phone Operators Association (formerly with HbOS)

Created a very safe environment…I felt I developed a little bit in each session

“I found the coaching sessions with Hilary very valuable and helpful.  I found Hilary to be a skilled coach, creating a very ‘safe’ environment in which anything could be said.  She balanced constructive challenge/pressure with support in such a way that I felt I developed a little bit in each session, and took away much food for thought to assist in my future development.”

Dr Sandra Gadd, Health & Safety Laboratory

Enabled me to explore alternative solutions and offered tailored support

“My style tends to be fairly transactional; it was very helpful having a coach who not only understood specific problems and enabled me to explore alternative solutions, but who also troubled to go away, think about it and then send me tailored material based on her considerable experience. The coaching time enabled me to tackle specific problems, enabling me to explore (and often adopt) options I would never otherwise have considered.  Each of these have proved effective – not only have I felt the positive difference, but so too have colleagues.”

L-J, Senior Civil Servant, Cabinet Office

Coached to be my own successful self rather than be like someone else

“I asked Hilary to help with my self-confidence for two particularly  important interviews.  I needed to make an impression and avoid my often self-deprecating style.  Hilary challenged me to think myself into the part using my own earlier experiences and visualising success.  I am pleased to say that I was successful in the interviews.  The two elements of coaching I valued most were:

  • being able to talk in detail to someone who listened so well; and
  • being coached to be my own successful self rather than to be like someone else.”

Jackie, Director, Global Accounting Firm

Helped me increase my  self awareness and self worth

“Hilary helped me greatly increase my self-awareneness and self worth. She provided me with various tools and processes that I regularly use in the work context.  The results of Hilary’s coaching enabled me to grow and helped me re-examine my priorities and facilitate a bold career switch not long afterwards. I have no hesitation in recommending Hilary as a coach.”

Dave Dillon, European SC Manager, SC Johnson (formerly a civil servant)

I have put my life into perspective, regained confidence and got myself a promotion

“Beware of signing a contract with Hilary which says ‘I will ask you powerful questions.’   She does – but it’s worth it.  It is these questions which make you think about yourself and your true values and beliefs. This is the key to moving forward in life.  I have put my life into perspective, regained confidence and got myself a promotion. Thanks Hilary.”

Beth, Programme Manager, Civil Service

Warm nature and calm friendliness

“Thank you for challenging and channelling my thinking.  Your warm nature and calm friendliness made me feel I was  in a trustworthy environment where I felt free to talk and be honest.”

Ruth, Manager, Natural England

Concrete steps to increase my leadership effectiveness

Hilary helped me understand what mattered to me as a leader and enabled me to take concrete steps to increase my leadership effectiveness.

Peter Howitt, Department of Health

Breaks down barriers into manageable steps and tasks

“I can thoroughly recommend Hilary to you as a thoughtful, considerate and scrupulously honest coach. Her independent viewpoint always helps you to shed new light on existing problems. Having identified barriers, Hilary is excellent at encouraging you to break them down into manageable steps and tasks—what once seemed intractable rarely is”.

James, Strategy Manager, Major Consultancy Firm

Helped me face up to some difficult questions and make some plans

“It definitely felt like someone was holding a mirror up to me and I had to look into it for some time, not something I do very often. The coaching allowed me to face up to some difficult questions, think through my feelings and make some plans.”

Barry, Senior Manager, Global Oil Company

Gained a clearer picture of what I want from life and work

“I found the coaching challenging and enlightening. It enabled me to gain a clearer picture of what I want from life and work and what was holding me back. I am now better equipped to face new challenges”

Colette, Senior Manager, Local Government

Fun but focused

“Hilary has been an excellent facilitator, teasing out the real issues and helping focus on actions. Fun but focused!”

Roger Minns, Senior Manager, BT plc

Pragmatic approach resulted in a very successful event

“Hilary’s focus on understanding the needs of the team and delivering an agreed action plan, together with her pragmatic approach to facilitation, resulted in a very successful event. No sooner was it over than I was asked whether we could work with her again.”

James Robertson, Team Leader, HM Treasury

Excellent facilitator

“Hilary proved to be an excellent facilitator of our team on the leadership programme. She guided us to produce some excellent results particularly in understanding our own skills as well as how we could bring out the best in others”

Steve Golding, Sales Manager, Thales (formerly with BT plc)